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How then can either sign be applicable to infants who have neither repented nor believed? Calvin's central emphasis here is simple, but vital. Baptism, like circumcision, is first and foremost a sign of the gospel and its promise, not of our response to the gospel. It points first of all to the work of Christ for us, not to the work of the Spirit in us.

Confirmation at the Age of Reason

It calls for our response. It is not primarily a sign of that response. So, like the proclamation of the gospel of which it is a sign , baptism summons us to rather than signifies repentance and faith. In fact all believers are called to grow into an understanding and "improvement" of their baptism. This is as true for those baptized as believers as for those baptized as infants. Consequently, whether baptism follows faith or precedes faith, its meaning remains the same.

Its efficacy in our lives is related to life-long! But its meaning is always the same--Christ crucified and risen, outside of whom there is no salvation. To see baptism as a sign of my repentance and faith, then, is to turn it on its head. It diminishes, if not evacuates, the sign of its real power in our lives--which is to point us to Christ and to the blessings which are ours in him, and thus to draw forth faith. Grasp this whole-Bible principle, holds Calvin, and all the New Testament's teaching on baptism beautifully coheres.

While Calvin was a theologian of the ages and his theology comes to us clothed in the garments of the sixteenth century some things never change--including many of the arguments, pro and con, in relation to the baptism of infants. This he passionately believed to be a biblical doctrine. Calvin meets many of the arguments against infant baptism head on.

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Typically he deals with them by underlining ways in which they depend on a mis-reading of Scripture. Thus faced with the insistence that regeneration is required for baptism, he questions the use of Scripture that lies behind such thinking. Rebuffed by arguments that the order of biblical language "teach, baptize" presupposes instruction prior to baptism, he points out that of course this is the order when adults are hearing and responding to the gospel for the first time. It would be a logical fallacy to think that the corollary of "adults should hear, believe and be baptized" is "infants must not be baptized"!

One would no more deduce that infants must not be fed because Paul states that 'those who do not work should not eat 2 Thess. But there is one argument that credobaptist proponents, then and now, have often used as a kind of reductio ad absurdum : if you baptize infants, you ought also to give them the Lord's Supper. Calvin sees a serious flaw here. For while both baptism and the Supper point to Christ, they each point to different aspects of union with him.

Encountering Christ In The Sacraments

Baptism points to a once-and-for-all initiation into Christ. It is done to us, not done by us. We do not baptize ourselves, we are baptized. The Supper, however, is not a sacrament of initiation but of communion.


That is why we are active and engaged at the Lord's Table. Just why is Calvin so passionate about this--when, after all, baptism is never more than a sign? One of the perplexities we modern Christians encounter in admiring magisterial Reformers like Calvin is the severity of their attitude to, and treatment of, Anabaptists.

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In Calvin's case this may seem all the more mysterious since he married the widow of a former Anabaptist! Our problem is partly--if only partly--due to the unspoken assumption that credobaptism involves, virtually by definition, personal faith and a commitment to evangelical fundamentals. Sadly it has become clear that there is no necessary connection between the two. If a credobaptist can point the finger at the baptized babies who now have no connection with the church, the paedobaptist can note churches of fourteen thousand members baptized on profession of faith with a weekly attendance of only eight thousand.

The sign is not the reality it signifies.

Perhaps this makes it possible for us to understand Calvin a little better. For him "Anabaptist" was not a synonym for "Evangelical. Horrific though it may sound to an enthusiastic credobaptist, Servetus held to "believer's baptism. Calvin responds in the Institutio with twenty theological "karate chops. Baptism is intended to give the Lord's people the assurance of sight in the visible sign as well as of sound in the audible word of promise.

Ignore the sign of the promise and little by little the promise itself will be obscured.

Encountering Christ in the Sacraments

The first Sacrament of Initiation by which we are freed from all sin and are. Liturgy and Sacraments in an Ecumentical Ecclesiology book 5 encountering christ in the sacraments chapter 3 test Gordon W. He is with us today in these seven unique signs. Jesus has entrusted himself, his Presence, to the Church through the Sacraments. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. B We celebrate Jesus Christ in the sacraments Ask your students to read " We celebrate Jesus Christ in the sacraments" and book 5 encountering christ in the sacraments chapter 3 test book 5 encountering christ in the sacraments chapter 3 test " Can a celebration ever be bad?

Christ Our Life We Worship. Take up the quiz below and test what you know about these sacraments. Links of Interest. Helps young people understand and value that they can encounter Christ today in a full and real way in and through the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Download this book right now!

Lutherans have two sacraments: holy baptism and holy communion. We call this combination of showing and telling a sacrament.

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Forgive our enemies B. Believe in the Holy Spirit book 5 encountering christ in the sacraments chapter 3 test Student Edition Book. The text explores concrete ways for students to understand the sacraments, participate in their rites, and benefit from their graces. The Status of this Document. In the person of the minister; and in the sacraments, of which he is the author, and in the sacrifice of the Mass.

Catechumens are unbaptized people who are preparing to.

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How well do you know the sacraments? These symbols become part of our culture, helping define who we are. Understanding celebration is important for understanding the sacraments. Ninth Report of the International dialogue between the World Methodist Council and the Roman Catholic book 5 encountering christ in the sacraments chapter 3 test Church. Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments reveals the sacraments as the definitive way that Jesus remains present to the Church and the world today.

This book is not a rental. Baptism: Part One. Dear God, We raise our minds and hearts to you.