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Kühne Logistics University is a private university with the right to confer PhDs. KLU's focus lies on the field of logistics, supply chain management and.

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Security for getting there so quickly. Management said procedure and protocol was followed and management responded with the following statement: S. Management is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience for all who visit TIAA Bank Field, including fans of the visiting team. We in no way condone the behavior during the Oct. Texans game, which included a physical altercation between fans in the east stands.

The two individuals involved in the altercation were ejected from the stadium.

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Each party, whether a Jaguars season ticket member or a single game purchaser, has had their ticket purchasing privileges rescinded. Management personnel and JSO officers were immediately on the scene when the situation arose, and responded according to protocol and policy. Even though we asked, S. E Security would not release the name of the man who delivered the punch.

Cameron said he was not offered medical attention at the stadium. He said he went to a doctor several days later and was told he did suffer a concussion. The Patricks say that is not true. But again, the Patrick's say they were never given the option at the game.

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They say they were just escorted out of the stadium and to their car. They have hired Jacksonville attorney John Phillips to help them as they move forward. Retaliation concerns Jana and Cameron Patrick are also concerned this fight isn't over. The Patricks say enough is enough and want fans in Houston to take the high road and treat visiting Jags fans with respect, and under no circumstance, do they want Texans fans taking this any further.

KPRC2 'Now this is how you party! This is the 4th of July photo everyone's talking about News.

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More Headlines. Texans fan sucker-punched by Jaguars fan at game in Jacksonville. I went back to the book and counted the number of days that Bond is in Hong Kong before the climax of the story-and it was ten days. I then added the little headings to the chapters that describe what day it is, counting down to zero. If so, how has it changed? Apparently not much has changed.

They say everyone has one novel in them, and I would say this is especially true of Bond fans—we all have our one Bond book or movie idea. You got to do yours. Did you have another idea fresh in your mind, or was it a struggle to come up with book number two? Actually, each one is a struggle! None of them were easy! The yearly schedule required that I had to have the next outline done by the end of the year, which meant December I was interested in the Cyprus situation and thought it would make a good setting for a Bond story, since Britain had two important military bases in southern Cyprus.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I corresponded with him a lot during the fall of 96 and he helped me with several suggestions. I had originally thought I wanted a villain that was tied up with Greek mythology, but it was Panos who suggested making him a mathematician. This book deals with a pretty sensitive real-life conflict—the tensions between Greece and Turkey over Cyprus. Any flack or political fallout from this? Did you feel compelled to take a point of view on the conflict, or did you go out of your way to keep the book, and Bond, neutral.

It was important that Bond and Britain stay neutral. I had to visit both sides of Cyprus-the Greek side and the Turkish side-so to get cooperation from both I had to present a very fair picture of the conflict. How did you come up with them? Was this revenge on old your old math teachers by any chance?

As I said, Panos came up with the idea of using a mathematician. I guess the Decada was a trial run. Pythagoras really was the head of a secret society of mathematicians who had a lot of strange rites and practices.

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It was the Cyprus situation that came first, so Greece-or Turkey-would have been the natural offshoot from there. I decided to go with Greece simply because of my connection with Panos and because I personally wanted to go to Greece! I was still working out the best way to do research trips.

For this one, I thought maybe I should go earlier in the year, so I went abroad in February That proved to be too early, because many places I wanted to see in Greece were still closed for the winter. Beginning with the next book, I found that the best time to go was between March and May.

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Anyway, this one started in England. There are a lot of sequences in the early part of the book that take place in London and the outskirts where Quarterdeck is supposed to be. I then flew to Athens, where Panos met me. He had arranged to take a week off of work to be my guide around Greece.

I stayed in the hotel where Bond stayed. We ate in the same places, visited the same casino, and went to all the locations in the book-except Santorini, which was closed for the winter. Chios was incredible. That abandoned, ancient city at the top of the cliff really exists.

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It was perfect for a Bond story. I flew to Cyprus on my own. I had arranged beforehand, as I did with Hong Kong, for guides to take me around to the places I needed to see. I spent a day and a half in southern Cyprus, where I toured the British military bases and the capital, Nicosia. I met with the U. Ambassador to Cyprus at the U. Embassy, my first time ever in a foreign embassy.

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We discussed the political situation at length, and this was helpful. The next day I went to the Turkish side. There are still overturned cars and remnants of explosions. A Turkish tour guide met me on the other side and we spent the day traveling through the north. The first third of the book is set in your former home state of Texas. Tell us about your choices here.

Was the Tex-Mex restaurant where Bond and Leiter dine a favorite spot of yours? I really wanted to bring Bond back to Texas. I wanted to take Bond to Austin, my favorite city in Texas. I figured that Felix Leiter was the best excuse for Bond to be in Texas.

Fleming created Leiter as a Texan, so it made sense that he was living there now. I know Austin like the back of my hand.